corePKCS11 v3.4.0
PKCS #11 Cryptoki Library
P11Session_t Struct Reference

Session structure. More...

Data Fields

CK_ULONG ulState
 Stores the session flags.
CK_BBOOL xOpened
 Set to CK_TRUE upon opening PKCS #11 session.
CK_MECHANISM_TYPE xOperationDigestMechanism
 Indicates if a digest operation is in progress.
CK_BYTE * pxFindObjectLabel
 Pointer to the label for the search in progress. Should be NULL if no search in progress.
CK_ULONG xFindObjectLabelLen
 Size of current search label.
CK_MECHANISM_TYPE xOperationVerifyMechanism
 The mechanism of verify operation in progress. Set during C_VerifyInit.
mbedtls_threading_mutex_t xVerifyMutex
 Protects the verification key from being modified while in use.
 Object handle to the verification key.
mbedtls_pk_context xVerifyKey
 Verification key. Set during C_VerifyInit.
CK_MECHANISM_TYPE xOperationSignMechanism
 Mechanism of the sign operation in progress. Set during C_SignInit.
mbedtls_threading_mutex_t xSignMutex
 Protects the signing key from being modified while in use.
 Object handle to the signing key.
mbedtls_pk_context xSignKey
 Signing key. Set during C_SignInit.
mbedtls_sha256_context xSHA256Context
 Context for in progress digest operation.
 Object handle to the HMAC key.
mbedtls_md_context_t xHMACSecretContext
 Context for in progress HMAC operation. Set during C_SignInit or C_VerifyInit.
 Object handle to the CMAC key.
mbedtls_cipher_context_t xCMACSecretContext
 Context for in progress CMAC operation. Set during C_SignInit or C_VerifyInit.

Detailed Description

Session structure.

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