corePKCS11 v3.4.0
PKCS #11 Cryptoki Library
P11Struct_t Struct Reference

PKCS #11 Module Object. More...

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Data Fields

CK_BBOOL xIsInitialized
 Indicates whether PKCS #11 module has been initialized with a call to C_Initialize.
mbedtls_ctr_drbg_context xMbedDrbgCtx
 CTR-DRBG context for PKCS #11 module - used to generate pseudo-random numbers.
mbedtls_entropy_context xMbedEntropyContext
 Entropy context for PKCS #11 module - used to collect entropy for RNG.
mbedtls_threading_mutex_t xSessionMutex
 Mutex that protects write operations to the pxSession array.
P11ObjectList_t xObjectList
 List of PKCS #11 objects that have been found/created since module initialization. The array position indicates the "App Handle"


Detailed Description

PKCS #11 Module Object.

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