AWS IoT Over-the-air Update v3.3.0
Client library for AWS IoT OTA
OtaStateTableEntry_t Struct Reference

OTA Agent state table entry. More...

Collaboration diagram for OtaStateTableEntry_t:

Data Fields

OtaState_t currentState
OtaEvent_t eventId
OtaEventHandler_t handler
OtaState_t nextState

Detailed Description

OTA Agent state table entry.

Field Documentation

◆ currentState

OtaState_t OtaStateTableEntry_t::currentState

Current state of the agent.

◆ eventId

OtaEvent_t OtaStateTableEntry_t::eventId

Event corresponding to the action.

◆ handler

OtaEventHandler_t OtaStateTableEntry_t::handler

Handler to invoke the next action.

◆ nextState

OtaState_t OtaStateTableEntry_t::nextState

New state to be triggered

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