corePKCS11 v3.4.0
PKCS #11 Cryptoki Library
P11ObjectList_t Struct Reference

PKCS #11 object container list. More...

Collaboration diagram for P11ObjectList_t:

Data Fields

mbedtls_threading_mutex_t xMutex
 Mutex that protects write operations to the xObjects array.
P11Object_t xObjects [pkcs11configMAX_NUM_OBJECTS]
 List of PKCS #11 objects.

Detailed Description

PKCS #11 object container list.

This structure helps the core_pkcs11_mbedtls.c maintain a mapping of all objects in one place. Because some objects exist in device NVM and must be called by their "PAL Handles", and other objects do not have designated NVM storage locations, the ObjectList maintains a list of what object handles are available.

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