AWS IoT Over-the-air Update v3.3.0
Client library for AWS IoT OTA
OtaAgentContext_t Struct Reference

The OTA agent is a singleton today. The structure keeps it nice and organized. More...

#include <ota.h>

Collaboration diagram for OtaAgentContext_t:

Data Fields

OtaState_t state
uint8_t pThingName [otaconfigMAX_THINGNAME_LEN+1U]
OtaFileContext_t fileContext
uint32_t fileIndex
uint32_t serverFileID
uint8_t pActiveJobName [OTA_JOB_ID_MAX_SIZE]
uint8_t * pClientTokenFromJob
uint32_t timestampFromJob
OtaImageState_t imageState
uint32_t numOfBlocksToReceive
OtaAgentStatistics_t statistics
uint32_t requestMomentum
const OtaInterfaces_tpOtaInterface
OtaAppCallback_t OtaAppCallback
uint8_t unsubscribeOnShutdown

Detailed Description

The OTA agent is a singleton today. The structure keeps it nice and organized.

Field Documentation

◆ state

OtaState_t OtaAgentContext_t::state

State of the OTA agent.

◆ pThingName

uint8_t OtaAgentContext_t::pThingName[otaconfigMAX_THINGNAME_LEN+1U]

Thing name + zero terminator.

◆ fileContext

OtaFileContext_t OtaAgentContext_t::fileContext

Static array of OTA file structures.

◆ fileIndex

uint32_t OtaAgentContext_t::fileIndex

Index of current file in the array.

◆ serverFileID

uint32_t OtaAgentContext_t::serverFileID

Variable to store current file ID passed down

◆ pActiveJobName

uint8_t OtaAgentContext_t::pActiveJobName[OTA_JOB_ID_MAX_SIZE]

The currently active job name. We only allow one at a time.

◆ pClientTokenFromJob

uint8_t* OtaAgentContext_t::pClientTokenFromJob

The clientToken field from the latest update job.

◆ timestampFromJob

uint32_t OtaAgentContext_t::timestampFromJob

Timestamp received from the latest job document.

◆ imageState

OtaImageState_t OtaAgentContext_t::imageState

The current application image state.

◆ numOfBlocksToReceive

uint32_t OtaAgentContext_t::numOfBlocksToReceive

Number of data blocks to receive per data request.

◆ statistics

OtaAgentStatistics_t OtaAgentContext_t::statistics

The OTA agent statistics block.

◆ requestMomentum

uint32_t OtaAgentContext_t::requestMomentum

The number of requests sent before a response was received.

◆ pOtaInterface

const OtaInterfaces_t* OtaAgentContext_t::pOtaInterface

Collection of all interfaces used by the agent.

◆ OtaAppCallback

OtaAppCallback_t OtaAgentContext_t::OtaAppCallback

OTA App callback.

◆ unsubscribeOnShutdown

uint8_t OtaAgentContext_t::unsubscribeOnShutdown

Flag to indicate if unsubscribe from job topics should be done at shutdown.

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